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Pink Galaxy Scrub soap can be used for all skin types but it does wonders for acne prone skin. 

Pink Galaxy Scrub

    • This is an exfoliating bar and the main ingredient is pink Himalayan salt that’s excellent for oily and acne prone skin, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help heal and soothe the skin’s barrier, it contains minerals that help restore skin by hydrating the deeper layers of the skin and thereby helps by keeping the skin clear. 
    • The other main ingredient is charcoal powder, helps removing bacteria and other impurities from the pores, controls the sebum production and restores healthy balanced skin.  
    • Also contains oils such as olive, coconut, castor, avocado and butters such as shea. 
    • Natural form of Vitamin E oil has antioxidant properties that protect the skin’s layer from radical damage. 
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