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Mint + Cucumber can be used for all skin types

Mint & Cucumber

    • Contains fresh mint and cucumber extracts and mint infused oil.
    • Mint and cucumber both are refreshing to the skin.
    • Mint is mildly astringent in nature which is great for skin toning, helps by reducing scars casue by acne and pigmentations. 
    • Cucumber helps soothe skin and helps with the appearence of large pores and helps remove excess oil and helps with extreme dryness at the same time, thereby restoring balanced skin. Also hydrates the skin and bring in a natural glow. 
    • Also contains oils such as olive, coconut, castor, avacado and butters such as shea. 
    • Natural form of Vitamin E oil has antioxidant properties that protect the skin’s layer from radical damage. 
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